External Treated H3


External Treated H3

External H3 Treated Pine Lumber From Blacktown Building Supplies

If you have a major outdoor construction or renovation project, you may choose to use convenient and cost-effective treated pine for external use. When you choose the right level of treatment, pine can last for years, even in a tough external environment. External H3 treated pine lumber is often used for the following:
  • Cladding
  • Hand rails
  • Newels
  • LVL
  • Posts
  • Mouldings, and more
Given the right environment and conditions, external H3 pine will work great in constructing porches, gazebos, and more.

For Best Results, Use In the Right Environments.

Pine treatments range from H1 to H6. The higher the number, the more effective the treatment against rain, wind, humidity, standing water, and destructive insects. While some may be tempted to simply purchase the highest level of protection, enhanced treatments may come with higher costs. We recommend that you use external H3 timber for above ground use. It is resilient against moderate levels of decay, borers, termites, and more. This level of treatment also wards off destructive and unsightly fungal growths. This level of treatment is insufficient, however, in environments where it would frequently encounter moisture or standing water and has poor ventilation or drainage. If the surrounding environment includes significant moisture, high levels of pest infestation, or constant contact with water, we recommend looking into using H4, H5, or H6. When in use, this form of treated pine can be stained or painted as desired for your intended look.

Reach Out Today

If you remain unsure as to whether your surroundings are a good fit for H3, call today. Our staff can answer any questions you may have, and also make suggestions which type of treated pine will work best for you. Let Blacktown Building Supplies be your one stop shop for your home improvement, renovation, or construction needs.

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