T-Bar and Lintels


T-Bar and Lintels

T-Bar and Lintels Beam

A T-bar is usually made of metal and is an excellent choice for structural and load-bearing applications due to the integrity of the T shape. The upper portion of the T, which is commonly known as the flange, is what bears weight and resists compressive stresses. The bottom portion, which is known as the web, is resistant to shear stresses and adds support to the flange, thus preventing bending or buckling.

T-bars are most commonly used for general construction but are also a popular choice when installing dropped ceilings. A lintel, on the other hand, is a type of straight beam that is usually placed above doors and windows. Its main purpose is to support the load of the structure above it and is commonly made from cement. However, you may sometimes see wooden, brick, stone, or steel lintels.

Both ends of a lintel are built into or rest on top of a wall, and it is usually the same width as the wall itself. The goal of a lintel is to transfer the load coming from above to the side walls and from there to the floor. Lintel beams can also serve as a decorative architectural element, for example when a family name is carved into the lintel above the front door of an old home.

Wooden lintels are vulnerable to fire and prone to rot without proper ventilation, which makes them the least structurally sound option. Reinforced concrete lintels are suitable for spans of up to 2-m wide and can be cast in situ. For wider doorways or longer windows, it is recommended to use a steel lintel instead.

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