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Boral Cements

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Sand and Cement Blue Circle 20kg BoralSand and Cement Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Quick Set Concrete Blue Circle 20kg BoralQuick Set Concrete Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Concrete Mix Blue Circle 20kg BoralConcrete Mix Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Builders Grey Cement Blue Circle 20kg BoralBuilders Grey Cement Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Concrete High Strength Mix 50 MPA Blue Circle 20kg BoralConcrete High Strength Mix 50 MPA Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Cement Off White Blue Circle 20kg BoralCement Off White Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Quick Set Sand and Cement Blue Circle 20kg BoralQuick Set Sand and Cement Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Rapid Set Cement All 25kgRapid Set Cement All 25kg


When you are working on an important construction project, you can't afford to compromise. You need to ensure that you use the highest quality materials at all times so the work is always first-class, durable, and resilient. So, when you shop for builders cement, you'll want to choose Boral cement products and should always turn to Blacktown Building Supplies for help. You will discover a huge variety of options, like grey-blue cement and white-blue cement, together with quick-set and rapid-set products.

Where Would You Use Boral Builders Cement?

Boral builders cement can be used in a wide variety of applications:
  • It's a perfect general-purpose cement for brickwork and block work masonry, rendering, mortar or grouting applications.
  • You can also buy products with a high-strength mix like 50 MPa for those industrial or commercial jobs where high strength and durability are crucial.
  • Select Boral cement for roof tiles or grey and blue cement, depending on your customer's colour requirements or intended outcome.
  • Many builders use Boral Blue Circle cement as it may be stronger than other general-purpose cement once it has been appropriately cured.
  • It's perfect for all types of jobs, from the smallest up to major construction.

Why Choose Boral Blue Circle Cements?

Blue Circle represents an industry standard and an ideal multi-purpose cement that's easy to work with and offers superior performance to any other cement product. It's very resistant to cracking following any cold weather event. If you have any left at the end of your project, it can also last for several months between jobs.

Why Should You Buy Your Boral Cement Products from Blacktown Building Supplies?

If you're a skilled professional looking for high-quality cement production, you must turn to the experts to get your Boral cement products. Blacktown Building Supplies has an extensive range of these products: high-strength mixes, rapid or quick set, and white and blue cement. One of our experts is waiting for your call, and remember that they have plenty of direct experience in the trade. They'll help you choose the correct product and deliver it anywhere in the greater Sydney area, and don’t forget that we will be your trusted resource for grouting tiles and cement compounds as well.

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