Blacktown Building Supplies - Timber

For most construction and renovation projects, the building “blocks” of a successful project actually come from trees. We offer a wide selection of top quality timber products for a variety of job site needs. This includes materials strong enough for structural support, treated lumber for external needs, or wood fashioned mouldings and trim. Our timber also comes in a range of types including pine, cedar, oak, and more. Whatever your job requires from timber products, Blacktown Building Supplies has what you need.

Timber Products for Your Project

Stop in today to check out our full range of available materials. These include:
  • LVL engineered timber
  • Structural H2 pine
  • H3 treated pine for external use
  • A variety of hardwood products
  • Skirting and mouldings
  • Cedar
  • Door jambs
  • Structural Oregon
  • H2 I beam
  • Cladding and more

Our Expert Staff Stands Ready to Help

Many of our customers know timber and other construction materials inside and out. A large segment of our patrons, however, do not have in-depth knowledge of the different varieties of timber and their uses. For that reason, we employ expert staff who know how to help our customers make the right choice. Selecting the wrong type of pine for external use, for example, could lead to disappointing results. Let our staff help you if you have any questions about the appropriate types of materials to use for your specific project. A few minutes of conversation with our always-ready-to-help employees could save you significant time, money, and worry.

Reach Out Today

We invite you to stop by our shop, call, or message. We can help with inquiries and fill your orders promptly. Let Blacktown Building Supplies and our exceptional staff serve as your one-stop hub for timber, construction, and home improvement needs. We look forward to doing business with you.

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