Concrete Mesh & Accessories


Concrete Mesh & Accessories

Concrete Mesh and Other Construction Accessories

For larger domestic and commercial projects (over 4K), send us your list of items required via email, and we will give you a better price direct delivered by supplier. Concrete installation or repair is always a large job. No matter how big or small the space, it requires effort, planning, and skill. With all of the challenges presented by concrete work, you need quality products on which you can rely. You can find reinforcing mesh, reo bar, stirrups, and much more at your Australian family-owned Blacktown Building Supplies.

Reinforcing Mesh

We offer three different types of concrete mesh squares, SL 82, SL 72, and SL 62, each providing excellent durability and reliability, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, we carry four types of 6000 mm concrete steel trench mesh in both three and four-bar configurations.

Other Concrete Installation Products

Alongside our reinforcing mesh products, we also offer a selection of other products needed in most concrete installation work. These include:
  • Steel stirrups
  • Treated steel reo bar
  • Steel and plastic bar chairs
  • Expansion joints
  • Foam joints
  • Backing rods
  • Builders’ film
  • Rod ties and tools
What's more, we offer everything that you will need for digging, cleanup, and other essential aspects of concrete installation and repair.

Come Down Today

At Blacktown Builders Supplies, we offer reinforcing mesh for Sydney area contractors and much more. We have over 30,000 different brands of home improvement and construction products for your perusal. Let Blacktown Building Supplies be your hub for concrete installation and other essential products. If your project needs materials or tools, we carry a full range of durable products that you can rely on for years.

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