Design Pine H3


Design Pine H3

Blacktown Building Supplies - Design Pine H3

From Design Prime comes some of the top quality decorative pine products available today. In terms of innovation, performance, and meeting high environmental standards, Design Prime exceeds expectations. H3 pine products from Design Prime provide the perfect material for verandas, house cladding, and much more.

Proper Use of H3 Treated Pine

This style of pine has received treatments that render it resistant to moderate levels of moisture, insects, and other adverse environmental elements. Experts suggest that, whilst it performs well for years above ground, H3 may degenerate quickly in below-ground applications. The pine can withstand periodic wetting above ground.

The Design Pine Difference

Design Pine, with its trademark blue colouring, has risen to the top when it comes to quality and durability. The genuine blue primer combined with an innovative, yet environmentally sound, new preservative makes Design Pine’s H3 and other timber products among the best on the market today.

Our Selection of Premium Design Pine Products

Blacktown Building Supplies proudly carries a wide range of top quality Design Pine products. In the H3 category, we feature a selection of mouldings, rails, and other decorative productsfor inside or out. This includes finger jointed options as well. When your project requires sturdier materials, try our line of H3 treated posts. Available in a variety of sizes, use these for deck construction or other purposes. We also carry a huge selection of sizes of pine boards for a variety of different uses. If you have questions about which type of treated pine will work best for your project, please reach out today. Our outstanding staff can answer any questions that you pose. Blacktown Building Supplies takes pride in serving as your source for construction products and sound advice. Stop in today to see more.

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