Extreme Joist H4


Extreme Joist H4

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eXtreme Joist 44 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4meXtreme Joist 44 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4m


eXtreme Joist 68 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4meXtreme Joist 68 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4m


eXtreme Joist 88 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4meXtreme Joist 88 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4m


eXtreme Joist 138 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4meXtreme Joist 138 x 44 DAR Primed H4 5.4m


Extreme Joist Timber

Are you looking for exterior-grade performance from a sustainable source? Then the eXtreme timber range may be the ideal option for your project. Timber is an all-natural, appealing and sustainable product that has incredible durability and is naturally fire resistant. Used in the construction of many iconic structures around the world, timber gives off a relaxing air to any building exterior. Replace expensive steel with sustainable timber that has been specially manufactured to withstand the rigours of the extreme outdoors. Suitable for any applications where the timber needs to be protected from fungal decay and insect damage while coming in contact with the ground, H4-treated eXtreme Joists can be laid directly over patios, concrete balconies or a new external deck. In other words, they are the ideal option for extremely low decks where standard bearers and joists wouldn’t be the most efficient option. Though pine is technically a softwood, it has a very high compressive strength. What this means is that pine wood will not fracture even under extreme loads. As a matter of fact, the bending and compressive strength is on par with most popular hardwoods. Because pine is lightweight and easy to cut, it is a perfect choice for DIY’ers building their own decks. With the correct treatments, pine deck frames have been shown to enjoy long life spans. eXtreme joists have been double primed, so their water resistance is increased, which helps them last that much longer. At Blacktown Building Supplies, we have a dedicated team that is committed to helping ensure that you can get all the high-quality products and building supplies you may need for your project. With over 30,000 product lines to choose from, we’ve gone out of our way to provide a convenient one-stop shopping solution that saves you time and money! We’ve built a reputation as a trusted name in building supplies, and we stock only the most trusted brands because we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Whether you’re looking for basic materials or more specialised tools and building supplies, you can rest assured that you’ll find what you need all under one roof. From fibre cement, structural plywood, pine framing, doors to timber floors, and more, Blacktown Building Supplies is your ultimate destination for all the equipment and products you need for your construction, renovation, or DIY project. Have any questions or concerns about our products or your project? We’d love to assist! Get in touch with us today to place an order, find out more about a specific product or receive our professional recommendation on the perfect item for your needs.

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