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Liquid Flash Waterproofing MembraneLiquid Flash Waterproofing Membrane


Gripset Betta 15L Bitumen Rubber Waterproofing Membrane 15 LitresGripset Betta 15L Bitumen Rubber Waterproofing Membrane 15 Litres


Maxseal Foundation 25kg DRIZOROMaxseal Foundation 25kg DRIZORO


Drizoro MAXREST 25kgDrizoro MAXREST 25kg


Blacktown Building Supplies – Waterproofing

Waterproofing — Protection for Buildings

Waterproofing is a crucial step in the construction process. Whether you’re building a house, office tower, warehouse, factory, or some other structure, you need to ensure it undergoes waterproofing. This way, you can slow down or mitigate structural damage and extend the service life of the building. Of course, you also need to use the right waterproofing products to stop the penetration of water effectively and prevent structural damage. These include high-quality waterproofing products, such as Liquid Flash Waterproofing Membrane, Gripset Betta 15L Bitumen Rubber Waterproofing Membrane, Drizoro MAXREST PASSIVE, Drizoro MAXPLUG 25kg Quick-setting Hydraulic Cement, BLUEE POWER CLEAN Concentrated Cleaner, and other products available at Blacktown Building Supplies.

Waterproofing — A Fundamental Construction Requirement

Waterproofing a home or building is a fundamental requirement in the construction industry. To adhere to the AS3740 of 2010 Australian Standard® Waterproofing of domestic wet areas, such as bathrooms or en-suites, laundries and water closets must be treated accordingly. Without standard waterproofing, damage and problems associated with the inadequate and inefficient waterproofing of buildings will become more common. Problems with waterproofing cause not only serious structural damage to a building but also risks to human health and safety, especially since water damage can lead to cracks in the foundation and the growth of mould or fungi.

Waterproofing — Benefits

Aside from ensuring your building is compliant with current regulations pertaining to waterproofing, taking care of this requirement will improve building longevity and prevent unnecessary risks and costs. By using good-quality waterproofing materials, you’ll be able to avoid or eliminate problems like seepage and leakage. With the innovative waterproofing products available at Blacktown Building Supplies, combined with technologies available, you can ensure building integrity, safety, and longevity. Explore our range of waterproofing products at Blacktown Building Supplies and let us know what you need.

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