Blacktown Building Supplies - Insulation

We offer a range of premium and high-performance insulation products and insulation systems for building fabric and building services applications.

CSR Bradford Insulation

Our range of CSR Bradford Insulation products include hypoallergenic wall and ceiling CSR batts and fibreglass in a range of sizes and densities. These products offer high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation, helping to reduce noise, energy costs and greenhouse gas emission. Our CSR range also meets the highest Australian insulation standards and is made from up to 80% recycled material. These low allergen batts are made from glasswool and can fit 99% of Australian ceiling joist spacing. The CSR Gold High Performance Ceiling Batts, meanwhile, offer the highest level of insulation available, for the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.

Fibreglass Batts

Fibreglass batts are a very effective means of preserving heat and sustaining a comfortable environment. They can help reduce energy usage in your commercial or industrial building, too. They work by simply trapping the air to keep your space warm in winter and cool during the summer. Blacktown fibreglass batts can also offer protection against fire, flooding, short circuits and sound. That’s because they’re highly fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and brilliant sound absorbers. In addition, our fibreglass batts are easily recyclable and easy to install.

CSR Roofing Blankets

Our quality CSR Bradford roofing blankets provide both thermal and acoustic insulation for commercial and industrial metal roofs. These high-performing insulation systems comprise a glasswool blanket adhered to a reflective foil laminate facing, and they are made from up to 65% recycled content. As well as providing reliable temperature control, CSR roofing blankets help prevent condensation in the winter. They are available in Heavy, Medium or Light to suit different requirements.


Sisalation is an energy-efficient, high-quality foil insulation product that protects commercial and industrial buildings against heat, dust, cold and moisture while reducing noise and energy costs. It is ideal for extreme Australian temperature conditions.


Foilboard is a high-performance flat insulation roof board manufactured from polyisocyanurate. It is ideal for use with mechanically fastened roof waterproofing products. Foilboard offers excellent thermal performance, dimensional stability and high-compressive strength. It’s also resistant to mould and most greases and adhesives. It is easy to work with, cut and install, and is suitable for all types of structural deck.

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