Bricks, Blocks & Hebel


Bricks, Blocks & Hebel

Blacktown Building Supplies - Bricks, Blocks & Hebel

Our extensive range of high-quality construction materials includes extruded bricks, dry pressed bricks and brick vents in various colour combinations, as well as super strong Besser and Hebel blocks ideal for creating stable and reliable load-bearing structures.

Besser blocks

Besser blocks are hollow rectangular building blocks popularly used in construction with steel reinforcement to form external load-bearing walls and elevator walls in buildings up to eight stories. They save on steel and mortar, and their hollow tunnels can be used to house wires and plumbing. When reinforced and filled with concrete, Besser block walls provide substantial strength and stability. They are a low-cost construction solution as well. They also have excellent impact resistance, fire and sound insulating properties and high bracing capacity.

Hebel blocks

Strong, solid and lightweight, Hebel blocks are a fast, easy and reliable construction solution. They’re made from autoclaved aerated concrete with steel reinforcement, and they feature an anti-corrosion layer for maximum strength and durability. Hebel blocks also have superior insulation qualities, performing better than brick in terms of both heating and cooling. This makes them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional bricks. They are ideal for subtropical Australian climates, too. These blocks are also an environmentally friendly choice of building material, manufactured right here in Australia from readily available raw materials.

Brick vents

Brick vents allow air to enter under suspended floors to keep them well ventilated, thereby helping to prevent a buildup of condensation in the colder months that can lead to damp problems, rot, insect infestation and structural collapse. They can be inserted into either a solid wall or through two walls with a cavity between them. Our range of brick vents includes a variety of traditional style clay vents available in red terracotta or cream, with a choice of square or louvre style holes, too.

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