HardieTex Blue Board


HardieTex Blue Board

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Blueboard Fibre Cement Sheets Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 2440 X 1200Blueboard Fibre Cement Sheets Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 2440 X 1200


Blueboard HardieTex Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 2725 X 1200Blueboard HardieTex Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 2725 X 1200


Blueboard Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 3000 X 1200Blueboard Fibre Cement Sheets 7.5mm 3000 X 1200


HardieTex Blue Board

Looking for an alternative to masonry when it comes to cladding? HardieTex Blue Board is the perfect lightweight cladding solution for residential and commercial buildings, offering the appearance of a rendered wall without the excess weight, price and installation times.

HardieTex Blue Board is the original blue board and another high-quality James Hardie product. It arrives on-site as a strong, pre-primed base sheet that can be installed on timber or steel-framed houses. Once installed, it’s finished with a texture coat system that includes joint reinforcement to ensure minimal shrinkage. If your commercial construction project needs a modern and eye-catching appearance, HardieTex Blue Board is the solution for you.

Benefits of HardieTex Blue Board

Why choose HardieTex Blue Board? Not only does it offer the perfect blank canvas for your commercial building project, but this Hardie product also has several other benefits such as:
  • It’s lightweight, making it an excellent option for multi-storey buildings and reducing the costs associated with scaffolding and structural beams.
  • You can choose from a variety of colours and texture to create unique and eye-catching designs. All boards come pre-primed and ready for you to paint.
  • It resists damage from termites and rot and is impact resistant.
  • Installation is simple, only requiring a nail-gun or screws to properly install it.
  • It adheres to BAL-29 requirements.
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to other cladding options such as masonry or timber.

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