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Door Jambs

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Door Jambs

The process of using a door may seem simple, but it only happens when all the components are working in harmony. From the hinges to the casing, there are dozens of elements involved in your doorways, and the door jamb is one of the most underappreciated. A strong and sturdy jamb not only provides support for hanging a door, but it’s also incredibly important for homeowner safety, security and privacy, as it offers protection against break-ins, burglary and theft. But what exactly is a door jamb?

What Are Door Jambs?

A door jamb is a vertical surface that runs along the inside of the door frame. It can be used for single doors, double-doors, sliding doors and folding doors. While it also helps support the door system and keep the door frame stable, one of the most important functions of the door jamb is to hold the hinges and the place for a door latch. Most door jambs are made from softwoods such as pine or fir, as these are more readily available and easier to work with. Hardwoods such as oak and maple are viable alternatives and offer their own set of pros and cons. View our line of pine door jambs and maple door jambs on site.

Find the Best Door Jambs and More at Blacktown Building Supplies

Here at Blacktown Building Supplies, you’ll find some of the highest-quality door jambs in Australia. We offer a large selection of jambs in a variety of finishes, woods and specifications to ensure that your door system is strong and functional. Make sure to check out our supply of internal and external doors, hardware and other building supplies. Have a question or need help ordering? Get in touch with our friendly representatives today.

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