Hardwood Treated H3


Hardwood Treated H3

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Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 90 X 45 KD F17Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 90 X 45 KD F17


Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 90 X 70 KD F17Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 90 X 70 KD F17


Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 140 X 45 KD F17Treated Hardwood IRON ASH Vic Ash H3 140 X 45 KD F17


H3 Treated Hardwood for External Applications

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and longevity of your outdoor projects, choosing the right wood is paramount. At Blacktown Building Supplies, we offer IronAsh and GoodWood H3 treated hardwood at a variety of widths and lengths, making our range ideal for a variety of external applications. H3 treated hardwood is made using Victorian Ash, already an incredibly durable timber, which undergoes a specialised treatment process, resulting in superior durability and resistance to decay and insects. Being treated timber makes it an ideal choice for projects exposed to the elements.

Applications: Versatile & Stunning

The versatility of H3 treated hardwood knows no bounds. Here are some common applications where it truly shines:
  • Decking: Create a welcoming outdoor space with a stunning timber deck that not only looks fantastic but also stands the test of time.
  • Pergolas: Craft elegant and robust pergolas that provide shade and aesthetic appeal, using our H3 treated hardwood.
  • Fencing: Ensure the privacy and security of your property with a durable fence that complements your landscape.

Benefits That Speak for Themselves

Whether you’re an experienced tradie working on a home or commercial building, or a DIY enthusiast building a deck or pergola, H3 treated hardwood is an ideal choice. Being tailored for use in construction and other external applications, the benefits are clear:
  • Longevity: Your investment is protected for years to come, as H3 treated hardwood resists rot and insect damage.
  • Low Maintenance: Spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time on upkeep, thanks to the wood's natural durability.
  • Natural Aesthetics: H3 treated hardwood offers a timeless, elegant appearance that adds character to any outdoor setting.

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