Hardwood Decking/Screening


Hardwood Decking/Screening

Hardwood Decking/Screening

Are you looking for top-quality decking and screening? Want the best materials for your next building project? Blacktown Building Supplies can help. We offer a wide variety of hardwoods and composites to finish your exterior deck. Our staff are friendly, professional and experienced. Call on them today to answer all your questions about each of our materials.

Unique materials for top-quality projects

We offer treated pine guaranteed to keep the termites away and withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Rest easy knowing our highly rated materials will last a long time. Our hardwood and composite options give you even more choices when selecting the right materials for your decking and screening project. Composite decking almost never splinters and is a great solution because of its exceptional resilience. We also offer a broad range of screening materials in both hardwood and composite. These attractive options are sure to complement any deck.

All the materials you need in one place

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors during the workday than by adding a deck to your commercial property. Decks are the perfect solution for relaxing during a break or gathering for small company events. Here at Blacktown Building Supplies, we have all the materials you’ll need to create the perfect deck. Stop by our shop today to learn about all our decking and screening options. We’d love to show you around and help you find the right solution for creating the perfect outdoor space. Not sure what you need? Want to know which materials are best for your project? Let our staff direct you to the products that fit your budget and job. Contact us by phone on 1300 554 775. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and offer you a free Online Quote.

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