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James Hardie Easylap

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James Hardie 404184 Easylap Panel Fibre Cement Sheets 8.5mm 2440 X 1200James Hardie 404184 Easylap Panel Fibre Cement Sheets 8.5mm 2440 X 1200


James Hardie 404185 Easylap Panel Fibre Cement Sheets 8.5mm 3000 X 1200James Hardie 404185 Easylap Panel Fibre Cement Sheets 8.5mm 3000 X 1200


James Hardie EasyLap

Finding the ideal outdoor cladding just got easier with James Hardie EasyLap from Blacktown Building Supplies. EasyLap offers the perfect solution to your outdoor cladding needs and is a great alternative to timber, brick and other cladding styles.

What is EasyLap?

EasyLap is a pre-primed cement fibre sheet made for use in residential and medium-density buildings. It has a shiplap joint along each vertical edge to make installation easier and faster. Each EasyLap panel is finished on-site with an acrylic paint that offers a subtle textured appearance.

The Benefits of EasyLap

When it comes to outdoor cladding, EasyLap offers a variety of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Durability. EasyLap’s cement fibre composition offers resistance from fires, termites, rot and moisture damage.
  • Simple to install. Thanks to its light weight and superior joining system, EasyLap panels are simple to install. They go up quickly and don’t require any specialist applicators or teams.
  • Lightweight. EasyLap offers a lightweight alternative to similar cladding options such as brick or stone, making it a great choice for projects where you want to avoid excess weight from the cladding.
  • Cost-efficient. EasyLap is available at a fraction of the cost of other claddings, so it is great for projects of every budget.
  • Low maintenance. Unlike timber and other outdoor cladding options, EasyLap cladding does not require heavy maintenance.

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