FLAMEfixx BAL 40 Pine


FLAMEfixx BAL 40 Pine

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FLAMEfixx 68 x 19 Treated Pine H3 ScreeningFLAMEfixx 68 x 19 Treated Pine H3 Screening


FLAMEfixx 90 x 22 Treated Pine H3 DeckingFLAMEfixx 90 x 22 Treated Pine H3 Decking


FLAMEfixx 90×45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/HFLAMEfixx 90×45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/H


FLAMEfixx 140 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/HFLAMEfixx 140 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/H


FLAMEfixx 190 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/HFLAMEfixx 190 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/H


FLAMEfixx 240 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/HFLAMEfixx 240 x 45 Treated Pine H3 MGP10 R/H


FLAMEfixx 290 x 45 Treated Pine H3 F7 R/HFLAMEfixx 290 x 45 Treated Pine H3 F7 R/H


Blacktown Building Supplies - FLAMEfixx BAL 40 Pine

Builders and designers are keen to get their hands on FLAMEfixx pine, and it’s easy to understand why. This timber is an innovative and beautiful product that was designed especially for areas that are prone to bushfires. From patios and playgrounds to commercial buildings and single-family homes, FLAMEfixx treated pine is the perfect material for completing a safe and cost-efficient project.

What Is FLAMEfixx BAL 40 Pine?

FLAMEfixx pine is a unique and innovative solution for buildings that reside in fire-prone areas. To put it simply, it’s timber that has been treated with a special solution that not only preserves the wood but also makes it incredibly fire-resistant.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other treated lumber, FLAMEfixx pine does not rely on a simple flame-retardant coating. Instead, it is impregnated with a unique solution of wood preservative and an inorganic metal oxide that functions as a flame-retardant. Radiata pine is infused with this solution and subjected to a pressure and vacuum process that treats the entire piece of wood rather than just the outside.

Benefits of FLAMEfixx BAL 40 Pine

No matter your project, it’s important to choose the best materials to ensure you create a beautiful, safe and long-lasting structure. Not only does FLAMEfixx pine offer increased safety with its fire-retardant capabilities, but there are also even more benefits you can enjoy when you work with this timber. Versatile. FLAMEfixx pine is perfect for almost any project, from decking and patios to buildings and outdoor structures. Durable. Our treated timber combines a durable preservative (to keep the material safe from termites and fungus) with an inorganic fire-retardant (to help reduce smoke output and protect against bushfires up to BAL-40). Sustainable. Radiata pine is readily available across Australia and New Zealand, making it one of the more sustainable timbers. Amazing appearance. Radiata pine offers beautiful colours and smooth grain, making it the perfect eye-catching element for your next project. It’s very customisable and holds stains and other coatings with ease.

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