Treated Pine Stringers


Treated Pine Stringers

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Treated Pine Stringers 1 Step 330mmTreated Pine Stringers 1 Step 330mm


Sawtooth Centre Support Treated Pine Tread 5Sawtooth Centre Support Treated Pine Tread 5


Treated Pine Stringers 2 Step 495mmTreated Pine Stringers 2 Step 495mm


Treated Pine Stringers 3 Step 660mmTreated Pine Stringers 3 Step 660mm


Treated Pine Stringers 4 Step 825mmTreated Pine Stringers 4 Step 825mm


Treated Pine Stringers 5 Step 990mmTreated Pine Stringers 5 Step 990mm


Treated Pine Stringers 6 Step 1155mmTreated Pine Stringers 6 Step 1155mm


Treated Pine Stringers 7 Step 1320mmTreated Pine Stringers 7 Step 1320mm


Treated Pine Stringers 8 Step 1485mmTreated Pine Stringers 8 Step 1485mm


Treated Pine Stringers 9 Step 1650mmTreated Pine Stringers 9 Step 1650mm


Timber is one of the leading material choices for outdoor applications because of how durable and strong it is. It is also a naturally beautiful material that blends seamlessly with outdoor environments. But when using timber to build stairs, accuracy while setting up and during construction is essential to avoid costly mistakes that can happen during installation. So, if you have never installed a staircase before, then you may want to purchase a premade treated pine stringer to ensure that your flight of stairs is as sturdy and durable as possible. A stringer is the board that the actual treads of your stairs are attached to. They run diagonally and on edge from ground to upper level, providing the support and rigidity that stairs need to remain stable, whether they are installed on decks, gazebos, and other construction projects with free-standing stairs. Made with specially treated pine wood, these stringers can withstand being exposed to the elements for years and are also resistant to both insects and rot. And because they are premade, they save you time and money on your construction project while reducing the chance of mistakes that can occur when making stringers from scratch. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these pine stringers can be stained or painted to create a custom look. Note: Treads are not included and must be purchased separately. Contact us if you would like to put together a stair kit including stringers, centre support, screws, and other necessary materials. At Blacktown Building Supplies, we have a dedicated team that is committed to helping ensure that you can get all the high-quality products and building supplies you may need for your project. With over 30,000 product lines to choose from, we’ve gone out of our way to provide a convenient one-stop shopping solution that saves you time and money! We’ve built a reputation as a trusted name in building supplies, and we stock only the most trusted brands because we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Whether you’re looking for basic materials or more specialised tools and building supplies, you can rest assured that you’ll find what you need all under one roof. From fibre cement, structural plywood, pine framing, doors to timber floors, and more, Blacktown Building Supplies is your ultimate destination for all the equipment and products you need for your construction, renovation, or DIY project. Have any questions or concerns about our products or your project? We’d love to assist! Get in touch with us today to place an order, find out more about a specific product or receive our professional recommendation on the perfect item for your needs.

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