Door Jamb


Door Jamb

If you are designing and building your own home, you'll be figuring out how to install various doors to link your rooms together and will want to buy the correct products to help you achieve your goal. You have to build a frame to hold each door, but you'll also need to ensure that you have the proper door jamb, or you won't get very far. What are door jambs, why are they so important, and why should you buy all of your internal or external door jambs from Blacktown Building Supplies?

What Are Timber Door Jambs?

A door jamb is made of several separate pieces. The two primary parts make up the vertical sides of the door frame. If you already have a door slab, you will need two timber or pine door jambs before you can hang anything. You'll also need those door jambs to ensure that the door will be level and does not rub against the floor when you open or close it. The other parts of the door jamb include:
  • Head jamb – forms the horizontal part of the frame and connects the side jambs.
  • Sill/threshold – these will vary depending on whether you want to install an interior or exterior door jamb. The sill will be fixed to the floor and connect the side jambs, while the threshold is a cover that can protect the sill when you fit an exterior door jamb.
  • Doorstop – which is where the slab of the door rests when the door is closed.
  • Casing – this helps to trim the door and hide any gaps once everything is installed.
  • Weather-stripping – this will be important if you fit a door outside.
Doorjambs generally come in two styles – rabbited and plain. Rabbited jams include a recess or groove that cuts into the edge of the wood to provide an additional seal. Flat jams are used with standard doors that have additional moulding to keep the door in place.

How Do You Use Door Jambs?

There are various door jamb kits you can use, depending on where you intend to place the door and your design aesthetics. For example, you can pick a timber door jamb kit with sidelights, or if installing an exterior door jamb, opt for a stable door (also known as a Dutch front door), where the bottom half remains shut while the top is open. When you buy the highest quality door jambs, you'll ensure that your door always functions as intended. Remember, every doorway (both internal doors and external doors) will require a door jamb, and it doesn't matter how you intend to actually hang the door.

Why Get the Jamb of Your Door from Blacktown Building Supplies?

When you shop for timber or pine jambs, Blacktown Building Supplies should be your supplier of choice. We are an Australian-owned family business with more than 30,000 product lines under our roof, and staff members are experts in the building and construction trade. We deliver anywhere in Sydney and the surrounding area and will be pleased to supply the door jambs for your project.

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