Landscaping Sleepers for Your Outdoor Living Space

Garden sleepers are a great way to landscape your yard and create beautiful and functional designs around your home. Sleepers serve as a foundation of sorts and are used to support the weight of items on your lawn. They are versatile and have a variety of uses, including retaining walls, steps, walkways, edging, flower beds, and more.

Our environmentally-friendly sleepers are used in landscaping design to create an oasis in your outdoor space. They are long-lasting, so you can create a unique garden or deck space where you can enjoy your free time. Once in place, they require little to no maintenance and give you years of landscaping beauty.

At Blacktown Building Supplies, we supply sleepers in a variety of materials, including wood and concrete. The wood sleepers are treated for protection against weathering, decay, and termites and are a beautiful way to transform your outdoor living space. Our concrete sleepers are durable and modern, perfect for urban and rural landscaping. Our sleepers are used across the Sydney area for both landscaping and building purposes.

We have the widest range of sleepers and sleeper accessories in Sydney, and we can deliver them right to your front door or to a job site. We work with some of the most respected contractors in Australia, getting them the premium products they've come to trust. If you're looking for landscaping sleepers, let Blacktown Building Supplies elevate your landscaping efforts.

Blacktown Building Supplies Sleeper Types

Everyone prefers a different look for their landscaped yard, and because of different preferences, we carry a variety of products to meet the needs of all individuals and contractors. Here are the different types of sleepers we stock:

Hardwood Sleepers

We stock several types of hardwood sleepers in a variety of sizes. If we don't have your size, we can cut them to fit. All our hardwood sleepers are free of toxic chemical residues and sourced from nearby native forests. Use these sleepers to line walkways, build sandboxes and playhouses, and create landscaping boarders for gardens and flower beds. Our fantastic selection of high-quality hardwood sleepers will bring your yard to life and improve the curb appeal of your home or business.

Treated Pine Sleepers

Blacktown Building Supplies has five different types of treated pine sleepers. Our pine is sourced from plantation pines and is rough-sawn to increase versatility. In addition, they are H4 treated to protect them from weathering and decay so they can be used near the ground or in other situations where it is constantly damp. We have a variety of different sizes and colours to choose from to match your landscaping decor. Use these sleepers for your garden beds, retaining walls, or planter boxes and bring a whole new level of beauty to your yard.

Concrete Sleepers

Durable and eye-catching, concrete sleepers are a cost-effective way to bring style to your outdoor space. Our concrete sleepers are fantastic for long-lasting retaining walls, planter boxes, and edging. They are engineered for strength and are low-maintenance, and they never rot, rust, or splinter. Transform your urban garden or rural landscape quickly and easily with concrete sleepers.

Whites Outdoor Retain-IT Sleepers

Whites Outdoor Retain-ITs are fantastic for both professional landscapers and DIY gardeners. They help you create strong, durable retaining walls, garden tiers, planter boxes, steps, and so much more.

These accessories come in joints, ends, and corners and are easy to install by measuring them up and pouring concrete to lock them into place. Once the Retain-ITs have been installed, your sleepers can easily be slid into place. These joints help create solid landscaping walls and make replacement and maintenance a breeze. The heavy-duty accessories are made from galvanised steel and are rust- and corrosion-resistant.

Choose Blacktown Building Supplies for Your Next Landscaping Project

Blacktown Building Supplies has a dedicated team that can help you get high-quality products and supplies for all your landscaping projects. We have over 30,000 product lines in various aspects of building, so you can easily find what you need for your construction projects. Through the years, we've worked to provide a one-stop shop that saves you time and money.

We've built a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable name in the building supply industry. We believe our customers deserve the best, so we only stock the highest quality supplies from trusted brands. From wood and cement landscaping sleepers and accessories to timbers and scallops, we are the final destination for all your building project supplies.

If you have questions about your next landscaping project, we'd love to chat with you. Get in touch with our experienced team to learn more about how our outdoor supplies can help you design and build your perfect outdoor oasis. If you already know what you need for your project, request a quote, and we'll get you started!  

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