Maple / Meranti


Maple / Meranti


Timber Sheets

Our wide selection of timber sheets provide ideal choice for both commercial and industrial projects. Many of these high performing panels can be shaped, sanded, primed and painted with absolutely no milling issues. They are perfect for a number of interior and exterior applications.


Our Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) provides a high-quality solution for use in a number of commercial and industrial applications. LVL provides consistent and reliable results at an affordable price point. Designed to eliminate problems associated with warping, twisting and shrinking, LVL TermiSPAN offers the ultimate alternative to hardwood beams and rafters.

Structural Treated Pine H3/H4

Treated to protect against insect damage and decay, structural treated pine has become the go-to material for outdoor construction applications. Its unwavering durability in the harshest of weather has made it the principal choice for outdoor projects of every kind. Structural treated pine can substantially increase the lifespan of any exterior build when compared to untreated lumber.

Design Pine H3

Pre-primed Design Pine was created to save both time and energy on the construction site. Combining high quality, long-lasting primer paint with the protective, decay-resistant qualities of treated lumber has produced a low-cost, job site friendly timber product. Sustainably produced for the ultimate in customer satisfaction during the construction process and for years to come.


A highly durable and rot-resistant hardwood, Merbau is a great solution for creating beautiful and highly functional construction projects. With a wide selection of both laminated and non-laminated lumber to choose from, Merbau will deliver the high-quality material you need for your next large-scale flooring, roofing beam or rafters project.


Used in a wide range of indoor projects, Meranti offers both beauty and strength. An ideal choice for commercial projects where looks play an integral role, Meranti or Pacific Maple has long been a staple of staircase and window construction as well as decorative finishing such as paneling, joinery, doors and moulding.