Skirting and Mouldings


Skirting and Mouldings

Skirting and Moulding

When it comes to the installation of skirting and moulding, the right materials are crucial. They should create aesthetic appeal while protecting the walls from wear and tear that occurs over time. At Blacktown Building Supplies, we carry a wide range of skirting and moulding options for your commercial building project. Let us help you choose the materials that will add quality to your building’s interior and make it stand up for many years to come.


We carry various types of skirting materials designed to give your rooms character while protecting the bottom of your walls. Whether your flooring is made of hardwood, composite or another material, we have the skirting options to cover any gaps and help you create a seamless angle between wall and floor.

Case moulding

Need case moulding for your windows or doorways? We have a broad range of materials to enclose the spaces around these openings and add character to each room.

Crown moulding

Are you looking for attractive crown moulding options for connecting the walls and ceilings? We have plenty of options to make each room unique. No matter what widths and sizes you need, our expert staff can outfit you with the perfect solutions.

Contact Blacktown Building Supplies

Have questions about our skirting and moulding products? Want advice on which option is right for your project? Contact Blacktown Building Supplies today. Whether you’re a seasoned building contractor or a project manager, we have all the products you need at prices you can afford. Our staff are highly qualified to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. We have the supplies to fit any budget and the experience to help make your building project a success. Contact us by phone on 1300 554 775. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and offer you a free Online Quote.

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