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Flashings — A Weatherproofing Essential

Flashings are thin pieces of waterproof or impervious material designed to protect seams in building construction and prevent the passage of water into a structure — whether originating from a joint or as part of a weather-resistant barrier. Flashings installed in modern buildings are meant to reduce water intrusion among certain objects like walls, windows, chimneys, vent pipes, and door openings. This is why flashings remain an important element of weatherproofing, as they can help increase a building’s functional lifespan and reduce indoor mould problems. Blacktown Building Supplies offers a number of flashings, dampcourses, and other similar materials by Alcor, Vesfelt, Byute, Flashtac, and Wakaflex.

Flashing Material Selection

Roof flashings are made with different types of materials, namely metal, plastic, or rubber. For metal flashings usually made of aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper, or zinc, it’s crucial to choose ones that will not react chemically with adjoining metals as this can lead to corrosion. In terms of aesthetics, it’s important to choose flashing material that can be seamlessly integrated with other design elements of the building whilst also preventing water penetration effectively. Ideally, the flashing material should be malleable, particularly when you need to install it in crevices or contours of the structure. The same consideration goes for expansion joints — and in such cases, rubber or rubberised asphalt is highly recommended.

Flashings — Other Considerations

Choosing the right flashings for the job is crucial to ensure your structure is protected from water damage. This is why you need to know what flashing materials are compatible with the products used in your building project to avert corrosion problems. Also, you need to check the structure for proper installation. But if you don’t have any working knowledge of flashings, you can always hire a licensed building inspector. This professional can evaluate flashing installation during construction, including work quality assessment and materials compliance with building standards. If you have questions about flashings or specific requirements, please contact Blacktown Building Supplies.

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