Are you searching for the right hardwood for your building contract or project? Need affordable supplies from a company you can trust? Here at Blacktown Building Supplies, we have a wide range of hardwoods to meet your needs. Hardwood is a safe, beautiful and sustainable building material that can be used for many applications. Whether you’re building walls or laying down flooring, you’ll have plenty of options. We carry various species and types of hardwood, all designed to withstand the test of time.

Why choose hardwood?

Hardwood offers a multitude of structural advantages for commercial building projects. It’s relatively lightweight, and it's perfect for building onto existing infrastructures or creating vertical extensions. Hardwood is a natural material that, when properly cared for, retains beauty for many years. It’s used to create flooring on the interior of a building, and for interior and exterior walls. Timber also allows you to create structural elements in a safe environment off-site. This minimises on-site waste and reduces construction time.

Our guarantee

At Blacktown Building Supplies, we guarantee all our hardwoods are of the highest quality. Our friendly staff are experienced in the building supplies industry and qualified to answer your questions. Not sure what materials you need? Want help choosing the right hardwood species for your project? We’re here to help you every step of the way. Hardwood is also a sustainable material. This makes it an environmentally safe option for your next building project. Hardwood is also available in many different species, each offering unique properties. This makes it possible to choose the right type for each application. You’ll have many choices when it comes to colour, allowing for added character to both the exterior or interior of your building.

Contact Blacktown Building Supplies

Have questions about our hardwoods? Need help choosing the right materials for your project? Call us on 1300 554 775 today. We’ll be happy to give you a free Online Quote. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

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