75mm LVL meySPAN


75mm LVL meySPAN

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LVL 300 x 75 meySPAN H2-SLVL 300 x 75 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 400 x 75 meySPAN H2-SLVL 400 x 75 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 600 x 75 meySPAN H2-SLVL 600 x 75 meySPAN H2-S


75mm LVL meySPAN: Ideal for Construction Projects

Looking for high-quality building supplies in Sydney? At Blacktown Building Supplies, we take pride in offering quality products for a range of different construction projects. Among our extensive range, we present versatile and reliable 75mm LVL meySPAN engineered timber (formerly hySPAN). When you’re going through timber options for your next job, you can rely on LVL meySPAN for the following:
  • Consistent Performance & Engineering Properties: LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is transforming the construction industry, and our 75mm LVL meySPAN stands out for its exceptional qualities. Created by renowned manufacturer Carter Holt Harvey, it offers unparalleled strength, stability, and precision in dimensions. It is the go-to choice for residential, commercial, industrial, or rural buildings.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Using LVL meySPAN timber comes with a range of advantages. Its consistent engineering properties ensure reliable performance, allowing you to plan and execute projects confidently. The impressive strength-to-weight ratio delivers a lightweight solution without compromising durability.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Our team is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible products. LVL meySPAN is made from sustainably grown timber, resulting in minimal impact on natural resources. It is a sustainable building material that adheres to strict industry standards and is certified by the EWPAA (Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia).
  • A Range of Applications: The applications for 75mm LVL meySPAN are extensive and diverse. It excels as floor joists and bearers, lintels and verandah beams, and structural roof members. Its exceptional load-bearing capacity makes it the ideal choice for supporting various construction elements. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, 75mm LVL meySPAN is a reliable solution that surpasses expectations.

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At Blacktown Building Supplies, we are more than just a supplier. Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about 75mm LVL meySPAN. We understand that every project is unique, and we are dedicated to finding the right solutions for you. That’s why we also offer LVL meySPAN in 35mm, 45mm and 63mm, as well as a range of other LVL products, such as TermiSPAN, HyJoist and Easi Form formwork timber. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of 75mm LVL meySPAN for your next job. We offer competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Trust Sydney’s leading building materials supplier to provide the highest quality LVL engineered timber, backed by years of expertise in the industry. Urgently need that LVL meySPAN timber for a job? Our experienced delivery team can deliver LVL engineered timber, as well as a range of other building materials, directly to your site, no matter how big the order is. Not only that, but you can also put your mind at ease if you’re thinking about delivery costs, as all deliveries within the Sydney Metropolitan area are a flat $89, no matter the size of your order or how quickly you need it. Unleash the potential of 75mm LVL meySPAN in your next job. Visit our store or contact us on 1300 554 775 today and experience the difference quality and reliability can make.

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