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LVL termiSPAN H2 100 X 45LVL termiSPAN H2 100 X 45


LVL termiSPAN H2 100 X 63LVL termiSPAN H2 100 X 63


Blacktown Building Supplies - Bearers & Joists LVL TermiSPAN

Bearers & Joists Laminated veneer lumber, also known as LVL, is a staple material on many construction sites. Prized for cost efficiency and strength, LVL is a backbone for a great number of different structures. We offer a range of quality LVL products from TermiSPAN, a leader in LVL manufacturing with its trademark red coating. Blacktown Building Supplies serves as your source for building, construction, and renovation materials.

What Is LVL?

Invented over 30 years ago, and proving its resilience ever since, LVL is known for its versatility, strength, and lower costs. The product is created from a number of veneer layers, sometimes from the same type of wood, but more often from different types. Veneers are bonded together with a powerful adhesive. LVLs often have their own “recipe” combination of woods chosen for different qualities. The result of this painstaking process? A durable, predictable, and reliable wood product. Most use LVL for applications requiring strength. It typically gets used for headers, beams, lintels, midfloors, and edge forming materials among many other potential uses.

Our Selection of LVL TermiSPAN Products

We proudly offer a selection of these resilient LVL products. First, we have H2 treated 100 x 45 cm available in lengths set in metres. Blacktown Building Supplies also offers H2 treated 100 x 63 cm LVL for even greater durability and strength. H2 treated wood offers some protection against damage caused by certain insects, such as termites.

Reach Out Today For Assistance

If not sure which TermiSPAN LVL product would suit your needs, do not hesitate to call, email, or message us. Our friendly and expert staff can give advice or answer any other questions. Blacktown Building Supplies proudly serves as the region’s one stop hub for the best quality materials and renowned customer service.

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