63mm LVL meySPAN


63mm LVL meySPAN

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LVL 90 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 90 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 130 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 130 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 150 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 150 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 200 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 200 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 170 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 170 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 240 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 240 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 300 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 300 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 360 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 360 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 400 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 400 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


LVL 450 x 63 meySPAN H2-SLVL 450 x 63 meySPAN H2-S


Blacktown Building Supplies – 63mm LVL meySPAN®

The meySPAN® (formerly hySPAN) laminated veneer lumber (LVL) group of products is sourced from sustainably grown plantation pine and is branded accordingly for ease of identification. It is known for being versatile and tough, yet it is easy to manipulate and work with using traditional building tools. The 63mm LVL meySPAN® is one of the various thicknesses available from the meySPAN® LVL product range. Just like the rest of the LVL materials by meySPAN®, the 63mm LVL meySPAN® is subject to strict quality control measures. It is also made and tested in compliance with the AS/NZS 4357:2005 Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber standards. Moreover, its Design Characteristic Values are in adherence to AS/NZS 4063.2:2010 Section 4.

63mm LVL meySPAN® Uses

The 63mm LVL meySPAN® is designed for use in various structural applications. In fact, it is a preferred material among building contractors and DIYers. Its versatility makes it a product of choice for a range of residential, commercial, industrial, or rural construction projects, subject to design verification. Of course, the meySPAN® label itself already provides quality assurance, with each product measured accurately, lightweight, straight, very durable, and dimensionally stable. Strong and durable, the 63mm LVL meySPAN® can be utilised as a material for beams, headers, rafters, rim boards, etc. Note, however, that the meySPAN® LVL product range, including 63mm LVL meySPAN®, is not suitable for use as support for brickwork and heavy masonry materials, like marble and reinforced concrete.

63mm LVL meySPAN® Characteristics

Treated with H2-S TERMINATOR glue, the 63mm LVL meySPAN® guarantees 25 years of termite protection, thereby keeping your building structurally sound and maximising your investment. If you need 63mm LVL meySPAN® for your project, it is available in lengths of 3.0 metres, 3.3 metres, and 3.6 metres up to 12.0 metres. If you have an upcoming project and require 63mm LVL meySPAN®, please get in touch with us at Blacktown Building Supplies. We’ll be happy to assist.

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