Get meySPAN H2 Laminated Veneer Lumber from Blacktown Building Supplies

For over two decades, meySPAN (formerly hySPAN) has manufactured laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Veteran contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike have come to trust meySPAN, which is available in several thicknesses and multiple section depths for your convenience.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL offers a number of advantages over other products, including milled lumber. It gains strength and durability from its basic construction. Several layers of thick veneer are bonded together with powerful adhesives. This provides superior resistance to stresses and warping under bad conditions. The quality of the materials combined with an assembly process that uses powerful heat and pressure makes LVL a strong product capable of bearing heavy loads. This is why it's commonly used in structural construction projects.

More Earth-Friendly Than Many Materials

This material serves as an effective alternative to larger timbers from milled lumber. It is sourced from smaller trees, which adds a conservation benefit. The meySPAN brand (formerly hySPAN) also sources timber from managed plantation forests, which helps to further protect vital natural tree growth areas. When you use meySPAN products, you can also appreciate their transparent approach. meySPAN allows partners and the general public to view their entire supply chain.

Uses of LVL in Construction and Renovation Projects

LVL’s level of strength and durability makes it perfect for a number of uses. Its ability to shoulder heavy loads enables it to work well as a header, a beam, rim board, rafters, and for other purposes. Learn more about the potential applications of meySPAN LVL products today. Our courteous staff has the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions. Blacktown Building Suppliers is proud to carry quality products from respected companies such as meySPAN. We invite you to stop in soon to check out our entire selection of products and accessories needed in commercial structure construction and innovation.

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