Spotted Gum Decking


Spotted Gum Decking

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Spotted Gum Decking Timber 86 X 19Spotted Gum Decking Timber 86 X 19


Spotted Gum Decking Timber 136 X 22Spotted Gum Decking Timber 136 X 22


Spotted Gum Decking Timber 140 X 25Spotted Gum Decking Timber 140 X 25


Blacktown Building Supplies - Spotted Gum Decking

One of Australia’s more eye-catching native hardwoods, spotted gum is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, thanks to its strength, durability and appearance. This premium timber can be used in a variety of ways. So if you’re looking for a unique, high-quality material for your next commercial construction project, spotted gum might be exactly what you need.

How Can I Use Spotted Gum?

While spotted gum has been used in everything from paper manufacturing to shipbuilding, as a commercial construction material, it has a lot to offer. Its unique and beautiful appearance makes it popular for outdoor patios and decks, though it can also be used for other exterior and interior projects.

Benefits of Spotted Gum Timber

Spotted gum offers a variety of benefits for your next commercial construction project. Attractive and luxurious. Spotted gum boasts a striking and highly-sought-after appearance, especially as some timber sports a beautiful fiddle-back pattern. Colours vary widely from creamy whites and greys to dark chocolate browns, red-browns and golden browns. Its beautiful appearance is indicative of luxury, which may even boost the value of a property. Easy to work with. Thanks to its abundance of natural oils, spotted gum timber machines well and works easily with hand tools, accepting nails and glue without issue. It is very accepting of any stain, paint or polish you might use, offering a great canvas for creativity. Incredibly durable. Spotted gum has a hardness rating of 11 and is naturally highly resistant to decay, making it a very durable building material. Fire-resistant. A great choice for bushfire prone areas, spotted gum timber that is at least 18-mm thick does not need to be treated with a fire-retardant.

Spotted Gum and More at Blacktown Building Supplies

Whether you’re looking for spotted gum decking timber, hardware or other building supplies, our team at Blacktown Building Supplies has got you covered. We’re Australia’s one-stop-shop for all your construction needs, so get in touch today for help placing an order or finding a specific product.

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