Merbau Decking


Merbau Decking

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Hardwood Merbau Solid Screening 42 x 18Hardwood Merbau Solid Screening 42 x 18


Hardwood Screening Merbau 70 X 19Hardwood Screening Merbau 70 X 19


Hardwood Decking Merbau 90 X 19Hardwood Decking Merbau 90 X 19


Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 X 19Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 X 19


Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 x 25Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 x 25


Mixed Hardwood Post 90 X 90 3.0mMixed Hardwood Post 90 X 90 3.0m


Blacktown Building Supplies – Merbau Decking Timber

Nothing adds value to a home like a high-quality timber deck, and Merbau decking timber is exactly what you need to add a touch of class and elegance to your outdoor area. We’re happy to offer a line of quality Merbau decking timber that will help give you the stunning look and durability you need for your outdoor deck.

What is Merbau?

Merbau timber is a beautiful, luxurious wood found in Australia, Southeast Asia and East Africa. Its colour ranges from a satiny yellow to velvety red-brown colour and the timber will generally get darker as it ages. Due to its many benefits and natural beauty, Merbau timber is a popular choice not only for decking but also for a variety of outdoor projects such as patios and outdoor furniture. It can also be brought inside and used for floors, window frames, accents and furniture.

Benefits of Merbau timber

Utilising Merbau timber in your next project can offer a host of benefits such as:
  • Durability: The naturally oily Merbau timber is highly resistant to decay, moisture, fire, insects and has a high fire rating. It will generally last for decades if properly cared for.
  • Ease of use: Merbau is incredibly easy to work with.
  • Customisable: It is easy to customise your Merbau timber because it readily accepts all kinds of stains, paints and polishes.
  • Natural beauty: The natural beauty of Merbau draws the eye. Its beautiful colour and texture will make it a wonderful addition to your outdoor area.

The Blacktown Building Supplies quality guarantee

Our expert team at Blacktown Building Supplies is proud to provide you with all the materials you need to craft a quality project. Whether you’re looking for Merbau decking, timber, hardware or something else entirely, we’re confident that we can get you what you need. Can’t find the product you want? Get in touch with our friendly staff and we’ll be happy to help you find it.

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