Internal Primed Pine


Internal Primed Pine

Internal Primed Pine Board & Skirting and Architraves from Blacktown Building Supplies

Considering an interior overhaul? Internal pine skirting and architraves serve as two of the simplest and most versatile ways to completely transform the look of a commercial structure. Internal primed pine gives you a full range of design possibilities. Many of our customers want to improve the internal and external look of their own businesses. Others want to attract new tenants. Some need to add value before selling, or improve a structure that they just purchased. Regardless of the reason, renovations with primed pine offer improved convenience and a hassle-free process.

Flexible Uses, Durable Material

Internal primed pine features incredible durability and flexibility, giving designers a palate on which to create a beautiful new look. Interior designers favour it for a number of applications, including fascias, mouldings, panelling, corner boards, furniture, shelves, and more. The versatility of this product does not stop here. The priming process removes knots and makes the surface perfect for either staining or painting. Internal primed pine offers a surface that also allows for easier repainting. Whether you want a different look or need to renovate what you already have, internal primed pine gives you more options. Real pine boasts superior strength and stability compared to many non wood products.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Natural pine is one of the world’s most plentiful trees and provides some of the best building and design materials available. We source our pine products from environmentally responsible sources of natural wood. Together, we work to reduce the footprint of construction and renovation products. Others create skirting and architraves out of almost entirely unnatural products. Their processing and components create a much larger pollution and environmental impact than renewable and plentiful pine wood. Reach out to us today to learn more about why you should rely on internal primed pine to serve as one of your most vital construction, repair, or renovation materials.

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