Pine Beams GL15C


Pine Beams GL15C

Blacktown Building Supplies - Pine Beams GL15C

Our GL15C Pine Beams are our strongest softwood glue laminated beams. They're a versatile, intrinsically beautiful timber and are ideal for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor structural applications. Use them in place of steel for lintels, joists, bearers, curves, columns, roof beams, rafters, portal frames and garage beams. GL15C Pine Beams are lighter to handle than alternative timber beams. They are also stronger and easier to install than steel. Long, straight and stable, this timber is available in a range of popular sizes, thicknesses and lengths to suit a variety of above-ground commercial and industrial spaces.

Lightweight and laminated for superior strength

Our durable, solid timber Pine Beams GL15C are specifically engineered to provide an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio that’s 20% higher than steel. These beams are glue laminated for superior strength, making them particularly well suited to high load or long span applications such as beams and bearers. The result is a lightweight, natural and cost-effective alternative to structural steel and LVL.

Made to last

Our H3 beams are treated as standard for application in outdoor environments. They offer ongoing protection against fungus and extreme Australian weather conditions, giving you total peace of mind. Our Pine Beams GL15C are also available either untreated or treated, thus providing long-term protection against termite attacks.

Lighter, easier work

Our Pine Beams GL15C have been precisely engineered to make them incredibly easy to work with. Cut and connect and nail these timbers with ease. These pine beams are also one of the most lightweight engineered timber beams available, making for lighter work during both transport and construction.

Aussie grown, locally sourced and sustainably managed

Our Pine Beams GL15C are made from 100% sustainable timber sourced from pine plantations right here in Australia, offering an ethical and environmentally responsible alternative to steel and LVL beams.

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