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Hardwood Merbau Solid Screening 42 x 18Hardwood Merbau Solid Screening 42 x 18


Hardwood Screening Merbau 70 X 19Hardwood Screening Merbau 70 X 19


Hardwood Decking Merbau 90 X 19Hardwood Decking Merbau 90 X 19


Hardwood Merbau 42 x 32Hardwood Merbau 42 x 32


Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 X 19Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 X 19


Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 x 25Hardwood Decking Merbau 140 x 25


Merbau 90 x 32 F27 HardwoodMerbau 90 x 32 F27 Hardwood


Hardwood Merbau Solid 140 X 32Hardwood Merbau Solid 140 X 32


Merbau 157 x 31 Hardwood Door TreadMerbau 157 x 31 Hardwood Door Tread


Hardwood Merbau Solid 190 X 32Hardwood Merbau Solid 190 X 32


Hardwood Merbau 42 x 42 5.4mHardwood Merbau 42 x 42 5.4m


Hardwood Merbau 90 x 42Hardwood Merbau 90 x 42


Hardwood Merbau 70 x 32Hardwood Merbau 70 x 32


Hardwood Window Sill 150 x 75Hardwood Window Sill 150 x 75


Hardwood Merbau 70 x 42Hardwood Merbau 70 x 42


Hardwood Window Sill 175 x 75Hardwood Window Sill 175 x 75


Hardwood Merbau 140 x 42Hardwood Merbau 140 x 42


Merbau 90 x 90 Posts HardwoodMerbau 90 x 90 Posts Hardwood


Hardwood Merbau 190 x 42Hardwood Merbau 190 x 42


Hardwood Merbau 240 x 42Hardwood Merbau 240 x 42


Hardwood Merbau Posts 115 X 115Hardwood Merbau Posts 115 X 115


Merbau 140 x 65 GL17 Laminated HardwoodMerbau 140 x 65 GL17 Laminated Hardwood


Hardwood Merbau 290 x 42Hardwood Merbau 290 x 42


Hardwood Merbau Posts 135 X 135Hardwood Merbau Posts 135 X 135


Merbau 190 x 65 GL17 Laminated HardwoodMerbau 190 x 65 GL17 Laminated Hardwood


Merbau 240 x 65 GL17 Laminated HardwoodMerbau 240 x 65 GL17 Laminated Hardwood


Merbau 290 x 65 GL17 Laminated HardwoodMerbau 290 x 65 GL17 Laminated Hardwood


Hardwood Merbau Posts 190 X 190Hardwood Merbau Posts 190 X 190


Blacktown Building Supplies - Merbau

Merbau offers incredible beauty and durability, especially for outdoor use. Grown primarily in Australia, Southeast Asia, and East Africa, this wood stoutly resists both rot and insects effectively. This incredible type of wood is also known as Borneo teak, Johnstone River teak, Moluccan ironwood, Pacific teak and, scrub mahogany. The wood itself has an orange to brown colouring when freshly cut, but deepens when dry to a more reddish hue. Boards may feature small yellow mineral deposits as well.

A Versatile Choice

Merbau is solid and strong enough to last for decades. It also features an easy workability. Most should have no problem when using hand tools with merbau. You can also stain, polish, or paint this type of wood, and it finishes quite easily. For best results, use Merbau above ground. In or under the ground surface, it may only last from between five and ten years. Above ground, however, it carries a 25 year rating. Merbau also effectively resists termites and marine borers. Known for both strength and stability, Merbau can serve as the perfect foundation for your indoor or outdoor life. It serves as one of the more popular materials in the country for decking and flooring. Many also prefer Merbau for different kinds of framing. Others fashion beautiful musical instruments and ornaments from this wonderful wood.

Our Selection of Merbau

Check out our full selection of Merbau products. This includes beautiful and highly durable external window sills, door tread, posts, and a variety of different cuts of boards. Have questions about this strong and versatile wood product? Our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions about Merbau or any other product. We can make sure that this or any other wood purchase is right for your needs. Let Blacktown Building Supplies serve as your source for quality materials.

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