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Lysaght Bondek 590mm Structural Steel DeckLysaght Bondek 590mm Structural Steel Deck



Bondek™ works as a structural component and is widely considered as a versatile, highly efficient and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system for concrete slabs. Moreover, Bondek™’s attractive exposed surface makes it a popular material for floors and ceilings. Bondek™ comes in a range of thicknesses and various appearance grades. Depending on your building needs, its lengths can be cut to satisfy your exact technical requirements. When used as a structural floor, Bondek™ is capable of carrying normal loads up to seven metres without any additional support. Of course, this also depends on the decking thickness and span configuration.

Benefits of Bondek™

If you opt to use Bondek™ for your building structural requirements, you’re sure to benefit in many ways:
  • Aesthetics: Bondek™ can be used as a pre-finished floor with the look of natural timber.
  • Ease of installation: Bondek™ is easy to install, so you save time and money on labour.
  • Ideal for low-head-height structures: Bondek™ does not require floor joists and is not as thick as traditional floors, making it perfect for low-head-height building requirements.
  • Safety: Bondek™ has embossments and ribs designed to make it slip-free, ensuring safety at work. It also has an impressive fire rating (this varies based on product thickness), which allows it to maintain its strength. It can prevent continuous combustion by forming char on the outer perimeter of each plank.
  • Strength and durability: Bondek™ is known for its outstanding spanning capabilities, ensuring strength and lower levels of deflection. It can also function as a permanent formwork and composite slab. It also provides a good amount of acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Versatility: Bondek™ can be used as clear spanning roof panels, stairs, an attractive floor or ceiling material in homes, and flooring for commercial and industrial applications. Its versatility has made it a popular choice for various building applications, including offices, museums, airports, apartment buildings and private residences.

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