Heritage 150


Heritage 150

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Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 900x1200Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 900x1200


Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 2400x1200Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 2400x1200


Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 3000x1200Surround by Laminex Heritage150 MR MDF 9mm Primed 3000x1200


Heritage 150 - A Stylish Pre-Primed Decorative Wall Panels

Australia’s leading surface brand Laminex has branched out and now offers an exclusive collection of beautifully designed, infinitely versatile, and elegantly stylish pre-primed decorative wall panels that make it easy for anyone to transform their indoor spaces. While you may not realise it at first, your walls play a vital role in setting the scene for an entire space. With the right treatment to a wall surface, you can transform the look and feel of a whole room. This treatment provides you with an opportunity to increase that sense of warmth you’re aiming for, inject a little charm you feel is missing or simply add some personality. Laminex recognises this potential and has embraced it by creating their Surround by Laminex range, a selection of eight carefully chosen wall linings designed to work with a number of architectural styles and in a variety of settings.

Traditional Timber Panelling - Heritage 150

For those who are looking for the more traditional yet warm appearance of timber panelling, the Heritage 150 profile is the ideal choice. Incorporating wider boards and curving joints that are more pronounced than in their Classic VJ profile, the Heritage 150 panels deliver that elegantly timeless appearance that will look as good in 10 years as it does today. Designed to be as easy to install as possible, the Surround by Laminex panels can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces and need nothing more than a coat of paint in your choice of colour once installed. They’re also moisture- and impact-resistant, proving that they’re more than just a pretty face.

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