The most important parts of any building project are the parts you don’t see. Using the right screws is essential for holding every build and renovation together. You need to use the best quality products if you want the job to be successful and run as smoothly as possible, but you still need to deliver the finished project on budget. Blacktown Building Supplies are here to make it all happen, with an extensive range of screws for all your construction needs.

A range of screws for every build

Whether you are completing an indoor or outdoor construction project, residential or commercial, a new build or a refurb, we can provide you with the right screws for the job. We offer general and specialist screws for timber, concrete or metal, keeping your project safe and secure from the ground up. We even stock the right screws for building decking, helping you to construct the outdoor area of any property safely and securely. Our range covers all the most popular types of screws, including:
  • Wafer head screws
  • Button head screws
  • Washer head screws
  • Hex head screws
  • Countersunk screws
  • And many more
You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, enabling you to get every job done right.

Shop high-quality screws

As experts in building, we have been supplying the Sydney construction industry for many years. We take great pride in our reputation as a leading building supplier, and we only stock the highest quality products. All of the screws you buy from us have been chosen because we trust them to meet safety standards and last long into the future. We also believe in supplying you with top-quality goods at competitive prices. So, by sourcing from us, you can keep control of the budget on your building project. Shop screws here on our site. Or, if you would like more advice, please contact our specialist team. We’re always happy to help.

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