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PVC Pipes

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PVC Pipe 40mm DWV 6.0mPVC Pipe 40mm DWV 6.0m


PVC Pipe 50mm DWV 6.0mPVC Pipe 50mm DWV 6.0m


PVC Pipe 90mm Stormwater Pipe 6.0mPVC Pipe 90mm Stormwater Pipe 6.0m


PVC Pipe 100mm DWV 6.0mPVC Pipe 100mm DWV 6.0m


PVC Pipe 150mm DWV Pipe 6.0mPVC Pipe 150mm DWV Pipe 6.0m


Blacktown Building Supplies – PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes — The Basics

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC pipes are primarily used to conserve water and energy, as they are virtually leak-free and resistant to corrosion and environmental stress. PVC pipe breakage rates are quite low, especially when compared with cast metal systems. Moreover, the absence of build-up in PVC pipes ensures energy efficiency and functionality. Here at Blacktown Building Supplies, we have different sized PVC pipes to suit whatever needs or purposes you have in mind for your project.

PVC Pipes — Benefits

The popularity of PVC pipes in building and construction is primarily due to the following benefits they offer:
  • Strength and durability: If you need strong, long-wearing pipes, PVC pipes possess good mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance. Some high-quality PVC pipes can last for as many as 50 years or more.
  • Lightweight: PVC pipes weigh a lot less than their metal counterparts, so you can also benefit from a reduction in transportation expenses and labour costs.
  • Variety: PVC pipes are available in a wide range of diameters and sizes designed to help you meet your construction needs.
  • Leak-proof: By using the right solvent and expertise, PVC pipes and fittings could be completely leak-proof once installed.
  • Flexibility: Although PVC pipes are popularly used for water transport, they can also be used to satisfy various other applications, such as for concealing wiring.
  • Ease of installation: PVC pipes can be cut, welded, or joined easily into the required shape and still maintain a high level of performance.
  • Low maintenance: Properly installed, good-quality PVC pipes require little to no maintenance.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Since vinyl is chemically inert, PVC pipes are a safe and non-toxic material for transporting drinking water.
  • Fire-, bio-form-, and corrosion-resistance: PVC pipes are not flammable and are resistant to microbial contamination and corrosion, even when exposed to harsh chemicals or UV rays.
If you’re looking for great-quality PVC pipes for your building project, look no further than Blacktown Building Supplies. Get in touch today!

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