Besser Block Half 190 x 190 x 90 Masonry Concrete Grey Block


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Durable concrete masonry building blocks which are available in a range of sizes and fractions for a variety of building and landscaping applications. 200mm series block suitable for use with other components from the 200mm Besser Block range.

  • Readily available blocks
  • 200mm series block for use with other block components
  • Paint or render to finish off walls
  • Durable concrete masonry
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Besser® Blocks are tried and tested building blocks suited to a wide range of residential and commercial building projects.

  • Quality tested in N.A.T.A. laboratory
  • Fire and acoustic rated
  • Load bearing concrete blocks
  • Lightweight blocks using industrial by-products
  • Concrete block homes
  • Vertical block walls
  • Basement and carpark walls
  • Retaining walls, garden walls and fences
  • Commercial and industrial walls

Product Code: BB10.03