Uni Render Blue Circle 20kg Boral

Uni Render Blue Circle 20kg Boral


Uni-Grout is a general purpose cementitious grout complying with Class A requirements of SAA MP20 part 3. Shrinkage compensation takes place during the setting period.
Uni-Grout uses Portland cement as the primary binder and special additives to produce the non-shrink characteristics through gas expansion. The formulation is chloride and iron free.


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Uni-Render is a pre-blended drymixed polymer modified cement rendering mix designed for use over new or old brick and block work, either internally or externally.
Uni-Render is designed to be used in thin layered applications (up to 10 mm) and provide a grey-coloured cement render finish which has excellent bonding properties, easy to apply, and help reduce cracking. Uni-Render only requires the addition of water and oxide to colour.
Typical applications:
  • Ideal for rendering over brick or block walls. Note: smooth surface bricks are not ideal as they do not provide the best “keying” surface for bonding of renders
  • Repairs to damaged concrete walls
  • Rendering over existing concrete and brick/block walls to give texture to the wall
  • DIY friendly, simply add water and mix
  • Provides a trade quality rendering finish similar to that of normal bulk rendering mixes
  • Suitable for both internal and external wall rendering
  • Excellent bond strength, greater water resistance
  • Can be trowel or bag finished
  • Acrylic based renders help reduce cracking in rendered walls